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Want to capture amazing aerial images, without facing the costs and restrictions of flying a drone? Take a look at our free quick guide to find out how.

We retail our own range of high reach carbon fibre mast systems to many professionals, including a growing number of photographers and videographers who are already fully trained, insured and qualified to pilot imaging drones.

"Qualified drone pilots you say? Why do they need a mast system when they can fly?!?" - has a great deal to do with the many restrictions placed even on qualified drone pilots - such as flying near crowds, near properties or in no-fly zones - not to mention the costs of using a drone capable of safely elevating DSLR quality HD cameras and lenses.

For instance, even qualified drone pilots are restricted from:

  • flying within 50 metres (150ft) of people and properties,
  • or within 150 metres (500ft) of crowds and built up areas
  • - That limits most areas worth shooting in the first place!....Unless you use one of our carbon fibre mast systems, then no restrictions apply at all (within reason, safety and common sense - good quality carbon fibre conducts electricity after all).

Instead of flying, many of our customers use our masts to simulate "drone" footage, bridging no-fly zones or restricted areas, while relying on gimbal and *non-gimbal remote controllable camera systems, such as the DJI Osmo X3, DJI Osmo Pro X5 or the SteadXP+* stabilisation hardware with their preferred DSLR and lens of choice.

"Are your masts that strong and rigid?" most people ask us. Yes they are - our mast systems can carry 2kgs of DSLR and lens to 18ft, 30ft or even 40ft high. They can be used with, or more often without a tripod - as a highly portable jib arm to "fly" a camera. We can even supply masts that can elevate cameras under 200 grams between 50ft and 74ft high if needed.


Check out the video below to see just how strong, rigid and stable even our entry level Pro-sumer 18ft carbon fibre mast is under DSLR and lens load.

Let's face it - drones are great fun to fly as a hobby, and aerial stills and video are amazing to look at......but when it comes to doing so commercially things get a whole lot more complicated. Just take a look below at the helpful video the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have produced to get a brief overview (pardon the pun).

In the interests of safety (not just your own!), thankfully the CAA have produced a very helpful site called Drone Safe, along with a useful info-graphic called The Drone Code - shown below. To fly commercially (when any client will be paying you for your piloting and imaging skills), step one will be to visit the CAA main website and apply for a permission - click here for more information.

image of civil aviation authority drone codeimage of civil aviation authority drone code

If all you want to image is property, people, wildlife (scared of noisy drones by the way) landscapes or any other area of interest from a good vantage point, then all the drone legislation and restrictions, along with the costs of training, insurances, flight and imaging hardware may seem too much trouble!

Don't Give Up! - If you already have a database of customers that can cover your hardware, flight and production costs then go for it......otherwise you may wish to contact us here at Vantage Point Products to see which of our high quality carbon fibre mast systems is right for you.

Give us a call on (+44) 02380 982366, or email us on to discuss your requirements. We will listen carefully to your needs, provide free advice on your project, and when you're good and ready we'll supply our products and solutions.

The most important information we need from you is:

1. The make and models of cameras and lenses you wish to elevate (so we can research the exact total weight)

2. The height you wish to elevate your imaging hardware to (18ft, 30ft or 40ft for DSLR's, DJI Osmo's and Pro Compacts, or 35ft to 74ft for super light weight cameras under 200 grams i.e. GoPro's, or Sony QX-10's)

3. Your remote camera control requirements (we can provide several recommendations, or your camera may already be remote controllable via built in Wi-Fi, or other means).

We hope you found our blog article helpful, and we look forward to working with you soon.

How Strong Is Our 18ft 5.6m Carbon Fibre Camera Mast? See For Yourself! June 24 2016

There's an old saying: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". Watch our video and see how easy to control our strong, rigid, lightweight camera masts are!

All our photography customers know just how strong and rigid our range of carbon fibre photography mast systems are - whether they own an 18ft, 30ft or *40ft model (*image below). These clients are more than satisfied with the vertical strengths and rigidity of our masts at full extension (2kgs for our 18ft, 30ft and 40ft mast systems).

However, Vantage Point Products are attracting a growing number of professionals who are interested in using our high quality carbon fibre telescopic mast systems for sports video, audio, media, film and broadcast. 

HD, 4K (or higher) quality video cameras are getting lighter and lighter, and more and more systems are stabilised with two and three axis gimbals (sometimes four), such as the DJI Osmo X3 and X5, among others. The Wi-Fi enabled functions of these video camera systems open up so many cost effective, highly versatile applications, from live view, remote pan tilt, through to live setting adjustment and almost real-time WYSIWYG feedback! 

These customers want to tilt and pan our masts, using them as mobile jib arms or booms, among many other applications; others want to simulate drone footage to bridge areas of a shoot they cannot fly through, or access areas where it is not safe or legal to do so (even for experienced, trained, insured drone pilots).

image of 10k run 2016

The first thing they ask is "just how strong are your carbon fibre masts when tilted, and is it possible to safely and steadily perform a range of moves that would enable dynamic video capture, such as sweeping panning shots, floor to ceiling rises, or overhead crowd reactions?". 

Considering that most of the customers that ask these questions are highly skilled professionals, with many years producing award winning film and video, how can we re-produce their work with our masts? The simple answer is - we can't.  

So.....instead, we put together this video demonstrating all these maneuvers. To make things even tougher on us, we used our starting level max standard modulus carbon fibre telescopic mast, at full extension of 18ft, with close to 900 grams of weight on the end. We could have used our high, or even ultra high modulus carbon fibre masts, or partially retracted each section for more telescopic overlap to add rigidity under load - but that would not have been very honest for true test results would it?

By demonstrating the performance of our starting level mast, our customers can feel confident that it only gets better, stronger, lighter yet more rigid and easier to control from there.

"Why 900 grams you ask, can you go heavier?" Yes we can, but in this case we wanted to exceed the total weight of a DJI Osmo handle, X3 camera and gimbal, Osmo articulating arm, and our own CNC milled aluminium and stainless steel 1/4"-20 camera mount. Even a DJI Osmo X5 weighs 882 grams total (including Osmo handle, X5 handle adapter, standard X5 lens and gimbal, but without the articulating arm).

When you watch our video below, ask yourself these two questions:

1. What images and video could I capture in conjunction with a high quality carbon fibre mast like this?

2. How much time and money would we save per project if we used this technique? 

Please feel free to contact us on to access our expertise, products and services - we even offer custom build work for bespoke applications. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Click here to view our range of high quality carbon fibre masts - or contact us with your requirements.     

Raising the Standard for Elevated Resort and Accommodation Photography June 09 2016

What happens when award winning British company Villa Plus invests in safe, innovative elevated photography masts? Take a look for yourself!

Elevated Resort and Accommodation Photography using Vantage Point Products' Mast

For more than 28 years Villa Plus has been putting forth every effort to offer the best value for money in a villa holiday experience. They manage more than 1250 villas over 15 or more destinations around the Mediterranean; from the Algarve to Cyprus, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, the Greek and Balearic islands, through to Croatia and Turkey.

For Villa Plus, it is as important to make their resort and accommodation photography look as stunning as the beautiful locations they are established in. 

For years, they have worked closely with some of the best photographers in each region to do so, but still, Villa Plus wanted to squeeze every last drop of azure sea and gorgeous scenery for their customers. 

So how did they rise to the challenge?

Villa Plus invested in the latest innovation for safe, stable and ultra-portable elevated photography - Vantage Point Products' 30ft 9.25m Carbon Fibre Telescopic Photography Mast and Tripod!

Equipping a number of their photographers with our elevated imaging systems, they quickly got to work. Feedback from the Villa Plus team has been very positive - they have been happy to get these unique views without having to use a noisy, costly flying camera drone. 

In fact, Villa Plus have come back for more, and outfitted yet another photographer with one of our elevated imaging systems! 

If you plan to holiday in the Mediterranean, or you own property in that region, please take a look at the images captured below, and ask yourself these questions:

- Do I know of another villa rental holiday company who go to such great lengths to help me imagine relaxing in their accommodation and surroundings?

- Is my villa management agent making every effort to market my holiday property to such a high standard?

Villa Plus Resort Photography using Vantage Point Products' 30ft Carbon Fibre Telescopic Mast and Tripod

Photography mast Spain Mallorca accommodation Vantage Point Products

Drone alternatives for aerial shots - Vantage Point Products

Vantage Point Products ship our carbon fibre elevated photography masts worldwide.

We are confident that we offer:

We are happy to discuss your requirements, or you can simply click to buy from our online store here.

The Rising Value of In-House Elevated Property Photography May 16 2016

What's the difference between the in-house photography of your average Estate Agent and a true Property Professional?

Shaun Adams of Cooper-Adams Estate and Letting Agents has the answer!

Shaun Adams of Cooper-Adams Estate and Rental Agents - Elevated Property Photographer Brighton West Sussex

Vantage Point Products - So Shaun....why is professional in-house photography a key component when it comes to marketing your client's property? 

Shaun Adams - "Great photos attract viewings, whatever your size or style of property, which can mean a speedier sale and achieving a better price for your property.

While most potential buyers looking online are scanning down pages of boring property photos, we make our images POP OUT of the page and grab a buyer’s attention!

The best photography will always attract more enquiries which will lead to more viewings and more offers.

Look at the property photos on our website; every single one we have taken ourselves (we don’t charge any extra for this); wouldn’t YOU be more attracted to view the properties when photographed by us?"

Vantage Point Products - We'd have to agree with you there Shaun, your website speaks for itself ( 

Yet, Cooper-Adams wanted to offer even more value for money to their customers?

Shaun Adams - "Yes! - We are pleased to announce that FREE elevated photography is now available on any property with Cooper Adams!

After consultation with Vantage Point Products, we have purchased one of your 30ft Carbon Fibre Elevated Photography Mast Systems! 

This has proven to be the most efficient, cost effective and safest way for us to gain an elevated vantage point to photograph our customer's properties.

We're even going back and carrying out elevated photography for our existing property database - all customers will benefit from Cooper-Adams' investment in innovation!    

Not many agents go to these lengths to make a property they represent look this good; And if they do, they’re likely to charge extra for it."

Vantage Point Products - Thank you for your time Shaun, and a BIG THANK YOU to Cooper-Adams for becoming yet another property professional to buy one of our high quality carbon fibre elevated photography mast systems for their in-house marketing.

Please take a good look at Shaun's elevated property photography below, and ask yourself these questions....:

1. In your opinion, which vantage point would command a higher valuation?

2. Does my property professional offer this service, and if so, at what cost to me?

 Vantage Point Products Blog Interview With Shaun Adams MNAEA of Cooper Adams Estate and Rental Agents - Elevated Property Photography - 30ft Carbon Fibre Photography Mast

Vantage Point Products Blog Interview With Shaun Adams MNAEA of Cooper Adams Estate and Rental Agents - Elevated Property Photography - 30ft Carbon Fibre Photography Mast

Vantage Point Products Blog Interview With Shaun Adams MNAEA of Cooper Adams Estate and Rental Agents - Elevated Property Photography - 30ft Carbon Fibre Photography Mast

If you would like to raise the value of your in-house elevated property photography, take a look at our range of professional carbon fibre elevated photography mast systems.

They are practical, professional and portable - easy to use, quick to set up, and offer great value for money.

Our system can carry almost any DSLR and accessories to 18ft, 30ft or even 40ft!

Our compact camera mast range can carry your Wi-Fi enabled camera and accessories (under 350 grams) between 18ft-74ft All without a drone!

If you would like to discuss your project, or require advice on your elevated photography, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Carbon Fibre Photography Masts - Pole Position For Your Elevated Sports Event Imaging! April 03 2016

Hello again! 

How do you get set up in a busy crowd of spectators, safely elevate your camera to 35ft, capture unique images, download your work that morning, and get your images published online by the city newspaper that afternoon?

Tom Hogan, Owner of Vantage Point Products explains how....

"The Hendy Ford Eastleigh 10K Road Race took place at 9 o'clock sharp on Sunday the 20th of March 2016. 

For safety, the roads were sealed off from traffic, and local parking was minimal, so I walked over a mile from our office to the starting line by 8 o'clock, with plenty of time to plan the shoot and get some test shots. 

The light weight 35ft ft carbon fibre photography mast I was carrying made this easy as it only weighed 2.15 kgs, and retracted to 1.7 metres.

The only imaging equipment I needed to bring was my trusty Wi-Fi enabled Sony QX-10 18.2 mega pixel camera (10 x optical zoom), my Samsung Galaxy smartphone to control the camera remotely, and an adjustable smartphone mast mount (all, except the camera, is available through

Quickly and easily weaving my way through the assembled crowd of runners warming up, and spectators jostling for a spot to watch from, I got set up, making sure to position myself away from any trip hazard, obstructions, or overhead cables.

Vantage Point Products Elevated 35ft Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast Eastleigh Hendy Ford 10K Road Race 2016

There was no need to waste time setting up and packing away all the gear between each position; our carbon fibre photography mast could be safely extended, retracted and re-positioned with the camera and smartphone controller still attached, ready to shoot - now that's portable!

Now that I was in position, delighted with the elevated vantage point among interested spectators, runners and photographers covering the event, the Official prepared to start the race. 

The air fell silent as the runners prepared their minds and bodies for the race they have trained so hard for. This is where the 35ft vantage point, 10 x optical zoom and some nifty Sony Play Memories smartphone app remote control paid off. I managed to capture the steely looks of determination on the front runners as they set their watches, encouraged their peers, and waited for the starting pistol.

Vantage Point Products Elevated Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast

Carbon Fibre Aerial Photography Mast Vantage Point Products UK 

Now here's where I captured, what I feel, was the best shot out of all my work that morning. I wanted to catch the surge that happens when the race starts, where everyone at the front heads off, and the crowd compresses and expands as wave after wave of runners take their first step into the first metre of all ten thousand to follow. 

Vantage Point Products Elevated Photography Video Sports Mast Road Race Marathon Images

The last shot was of the whole race-pack, leading away from the starting line along Passfield Avenue toward Fleming Park Leisure Centre; behind which the finishing line would be waiting, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine metres later!

Pole Photography Mast Vantage Point Products Runners Passfield Avenue Fleming Park

I had no intention to photograph the finishing line. There were professional photographers paid to do that. What I wanted to capture was the key part of every race where this saying begins and ends: "It's not the winning but the taking part that counts".

Within a few hours, I had sent the images off to the Southampton Daily Echo - the local city newspaper. Under the proviso of crediting my name and company, as I have done so twice before ("Badi Mirchi restaurant fire" and "overturned bin lorry Woodside Avenue"), I allowed them to use a copy of my images to promote their article covering the race.

I was pleased to see one of my accredited photographs on the front page of their online publication, which they then decided to use as a thumbnail image to generate interest for their article."

IImage used by Southampton Daily Echo, by Vantage Point Products Elevated 35ft Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast Eastleigh Hendy Ford 10K Road Race

 Elevated Photography Image Thumbnail used by Daily Echo Southampton, by Vantage Point Products

So what do you think?

More often than not, you don't need a drone to capture high quality elevated images and even video of sports and similar events. In fact, nine out of ten times you are not legally allowed to fly a drone nearby. Imaging by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has its' place, but with current legislation, their practical application is limited. Professional, qualified photography and video drone pilots are usually highly trained, skilled, and very well insured, but they have to pass those costs onward, as would anyone who wanted to operate a drone legally and safely. This limits their customer base to those who can afford to cover those costs.

In contrast, a portable telescopic carbon fibre photography and video mast is accessible to almost every photographer, from amateur enthusiasts to professionals. Most importantly, elevated mast photography is affordable, safe, and highly practical.  

At Vantage Point Products, we would be glad to help you find an elevated imaging solution to meet your exact needs - whether that is to safely elevate a super light weight camera under 350 grams between 27ft and even 74ft, or a DSLR to 30ft or 40ft!

We can assemble elevated photography and video masts from a range of high quality carbon fibre material, from max standard modulus, high modulus and even ultra high modulus for the greatest strength and rigidity. We also supply a high quality aluminium telescopic tripod to support our 30ft or 40ft masts.


What are you waiting for?

- Please contact Tom by email, through

- Let us know what camera you intend to use, the height you want to elevate it to, and how you wish to control it remotely. We can make some solid recommendations for cameras and other equipment required.

- Most importantly, let us know your deadline for delivery - we ship worldwide, and will do our utmost to meet your shoot deadline.

- Consider our detailed quote, buy a mast (or more), and start getting those unique, highly valuable elevated images and video! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Only Your Gutter Vac Should Suck - Not Your Gutter Inspection Camera! September 23 2015

Hello again,

No doubt you'd agree that it is a pleasure when a product works the way it is supposed to: well designed, fit for purpose and worth the money?

What about gutter inspection camera systems used for high level vacuum cleaning? Why should it be any different there?

After all, you may have spent between £1000 and £2500 on a complete gutter vac system - so much that you got the camera system for "free"....but what has it cost you in time, replacement parts, and frustration?

More than 6 years ago we built our own Gutter Vacuum System for the cleaning business we operated, and we quickly realised the value of including Before and After photos with our quote. We routinely landed 9 out of 10 quotes we submitted, with customers reporting that, although we were never the cheapest, they felt that they could trust us and that we offered the most professional service (which they were happy to pay a little extra for!)

You may want an inspection kit of your own, but trying to DIY a camera system that is practical (at least tough and weatherproof) and affordable ("I'll try this..££, that..£££..uh oh, this is adding up quick!"), can be challenging to say the least!

"Do I buy a Wi-Fi enabled GoPro, a wireless drain inspection kit with detachable monitor, a wireless car / trailer reversing camera kit, or a wireless baby monitor?" you may ask.

At the end of the day, the choice is always yours, with most people looking to hit that sweet spot of suitability, performance and value for money. 

Yes, all camera systems have their limitations, but imagine how good it would be if a manufacturer actually listened to the constructive feedback from the real experts who use these gutter vacuum mounted camera systems day to day, and improved their products accordingly.

This is exactly what we as Vantage Point Products have done!  

Below, in the left column are some of the problems reported to us by a number of high reach vacuuming experts (customers of other gutter vac related equipment retailers). In the right column is a detailed list of solutions we have already designed, manufactured, tried and tested - available for retail on

Please note: It is not our goal to speak negatively of other companies that provide camera systems with their Gutter Vacuum Systems, or those who sell them separately. When you want a Gutter Vac, you go to the experts....when you want a suitable camera system for safe imaging at height that is truly fit for purpose, shouldn't you do the same? 

Common Complaints with Existing Systems Tried and Tested Solution provided by Vantage Point Products:

1. The Camera Mounting System: THE PROBLEM

 - "The camera keeps falling off the gutter vac head tool!"

 - "The camera keeps getting sucked up into the vacuum!"

 - "The camera mount gets wet and slips off the position we want it to stay in"

1. The Camera Mounting System: OUR SOLUTION

We sourced a military grade weatherproof rubberised mount that securely mounts our camera to all goose necks and gutter vac head tools (inc. 38mm, 51mm, and even 76mm OD) 

Vantage Point Products image of gutter vacuum system rugged weatherproof camera

2. The Camera Housing: THE PROBLEM

 - "I can't use it in wet weather without risking damaging it"

 - "It is not tough enough to take the knocks during every day gutter cleaning"

 - "It keeps slipping out of position when mounted"


2. The Camera Housing: OUR SOLUTION

We designed and tested our rubberised protective camera housing to be weatherproof, dust proof and impact resistant. The surface of the camera housing has a rugged pattern designed to grip in the mount, to stop any slipping from position.

Vantage Point Products image of wireless inspection camera rugged weatherproof mounted on gardiner pole       

3. Camera Battery Life: THE PROBLEM

- "I need to work all day, but my camera battery doesn't last long enough between charges"

3. Camera Battery Life: OUR SOLUTION

We designed and tested our rugged camera system to be supported by a weatherproof battery power bank that provides 6-8 hours extra battery life so you can work all day.

The weather proof battery power bank also uses the same mounting system as our camera, so it fits all goose necks and gutter vacuum heads tools (38mm, 51mm, and even 76mm OD).

Vantage Point Products image of wireless gutter vac vacuum inspection camera rugged weatherproof with battery power bank 6-8 hour battery life per charge 

4. The Display Monitor: THE PROBLEM

 - "I can't see the screen clearly in sunlight"

 - "the screen size is too small"

 - "the image quality is not good enough to show my customer, or to include in quotes"

- "my monitor battery lasts 3 hours at best, but I need to work all day without interruption"

 - "the display fits to my pole, but I cannot adjust the angle of the screen and it doesn't seem very securely mounted"

 - "The range of my camera and monitor is too limited, and prone to interference"

 - "I want to use a wired camera for long distance gutter vacuuming well above 15m (~50ft), or over and into thick metal areas such as box gutters or air-conditioning vents that can block radio waves from wireless cameras".  

4. The Display Monitor: OUR SOLUTION

We do not rely on manually or automatically increasing or decreasing screen contrast to offer a partial solution.

Our DVR monitor offers the following complete solutions:

Vantage Point Products image of wireless 5" DVR monitor for all telescopic poles and gutter vacuum systems

  • Integrated fold out engineered sunshade blocking light from the top and sides of the monitor
  • 5" screen size - one of the largest on the market that is still practical to use on a pole
  • Our Cameras and DVR monitor has the highest level of Standard Definition available in 800 x 480 in 16:9 or 4:3 ratio
  • Screen brightness of 300 cd/m2 - (not including added benefits of sunshade)
  • The DVR monitor lasts 4.5-5 hours on a full charge, but 8 hours + when supported by our weather battery power bank!  
  • Both live view and image snapshots are easily clear and readable on-site, and imported into quotes and other inspection documentation

  • The DVR monitor mount is tough, weatherproof, secure, and yet adjustable for different monitor viewing angles. It fits all telescopic poles and gutter vacuum tubing up to 52mm OD.
  • The DVR Monitor does not rely on internal patch antennas, but instead uses an optimised external antenna that is adjustable in angle to get the best Line Of Sight signal from our wireless camera.
  • The DVR monitors have also been designed to work with our Rugged Wired Camera System, with custom cable lengths to meet our customers needs - or more than 25m long! The cable has been designed to be quickly and securely be fixed to poles and vacuum tubes, so they do not get in the way during cleaning or inspection.   

Vantage Point Products image of 51mm tubing secure adjustable wireless DVR monitor mount for telescopic poles and guttervac gutter vacuum systems

    5. Options for an additional High Definition (HD) camera systemTHE PROBLEM

     - "I only need a Standard Definition (SD) camera system during cleaning, but it would be very useful to have a good value HD camera for taking good looking Before and After images of my work for marketing,  customers and documents etc"

     - "I cannot afford an action camera with Wi-Fi remote control, and even if I could would it really be practical?"

     - "How would I mount the smartphone or tablet used to control the action camera, to the pole or gutter vacuum tube?"

     - "If I am now using my smartphone or tablet to control the HD camera, how can I make that waterproof too, or protect it if I drop it on-site?"

     - "Which HD camera systems should I look at, and which ones should I avoid wasting my money on?"

    5. Options for an additional High Definition (HD) camera system: OUR SOLUTION

    Choosing a truly practical, yet affordable HD camera for your pole or gutter vacuum  system can be very, very tricky. Vantage Point products have tested a number of options on the market, and have listened to real world users.

    In response, we have consulted and sourced suitable tried and tested HD cameras that have proved viable for our customers exact requirements.

    Vantage Point Products image of drone free carbon fibre pole 55ft roof wireless HD camera survey

    We choose not to advertise these via our site at present, but we encourage people to contact us and we will offer our advice. If you want our recommendation or a quotation (and even a demonstration) this can be arranged. We can source suitable HD cameras, and pole / vacuum tube mounting systems for both the camera, smartphone and tablet if required. 

    The systems we source can avoid problems like Fish-Eye lens distortion, poor Wi-Fi connection / disconnection to smartphone / tablet, and short (30-45 min) battery life that usually comes with Wi-Fi enabled HD action cameras.

    Take a look over our HD images below, and see what just one of our HD systems can offer you:

    • 18.2 megapixel HD images
    • 10 x optical (not poor quality digital) zoom via smartphone or tablet remote control 
    • Zero Fish-Eye lens distortion
    • Live View Full Screen to smartphone or tablet - let your clients see the problem then and there, and you are more likely to get the sale on the spot!

    Vantage Point Products image of drone free carbon fibre pole 55ft roof wireless HD camera roof gutter survey

    • Remote control over four storeys height
    • Quick download to smartphone or tablet for emailing images to the client over your mobile internet without going back to the office to download

    Vantage Point Products image of drone free carbon fibre pole 55ft roof wireless HD camera gutter roof survey

    • Provide high quality HD "After Clean" images, and your client will be more inclined to use you again, and even recommend you to others! 

    So, what do you think? If you have found any more problems with existing camera systems you would like to see resolved, then let us know. We value your feedback, and if possible, we will do all we can to meet your requirements.

    If you feel that we have the solution you have been looking for, please contact us. Alternatively, please visit our online shop and consider buying one of our tried and tested solutions.

    Here's what some of our satisfied customer's have had to say about our products:

    "Received my camera kit today…. product looks and feels very professional…. I have tested it on my own gutters and it does exactly what it is designed for…. Thanks for all your help and support…. Vantage Point Products offers excellent customer service and products as described on your website. I would recommend you to anyone." - SCP Window and Gutter Cleaning - Birmingham

    "Tom, many thanks for your help and time upon this project. Very professional and dedicated. It goes hugely appreciated" - GL, London. (Custom telescopic HD roof imaging system).


    A High View of Heroes! Photographing the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance September 16 2015

    Vantage Point Products wanted to seize the opportunity to give credit where credit is due - to all the hard working members Hampshire's Fire and Rescue Services, along with other rescue and paramedic services, especially those funded by charities and supported by volunteers.

    For example, take the work of the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance service; have we ever considered how many lives have been saved by these brave men and women? Just take a look at their website -

    Unfortunately, the Air Ambulance found it necessary to fly into Eastleigh last month - we hope that their mission was a success, and our thoughts go out to those who needed their expert help that day.

    Vantage Point Products 35ft Carbon Fibre Photography Mast Wireless HD Images of Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Eastleigh Landing Take-off 

    Of course, while the presence of a helicopter air ambulance does illicit instantaneous curiosity from the public, it is very important that all in the vicinity be aware of the safety procedures if they approach. Here is a link to the official Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance guidance and restrictions on approaching the aircraft: Download the poster, and be ready and safe next time they land or take off near you!

    All these shots were taken (from the safe recommended distance) with our 35ft Carbon Fibre Telescopic Imaging Mast, and our 10 x optical zoom, 18.2 megapixel Wi-Fi enabled camera - both available from Vantage Point Products (by request).

    For high quality image files, please feel free to contact us.


     Vantage Point Products Elevated Photography 35ft Carbon Fibre Mast Wireless HD Images of Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Eastleigh Landing Take-off

     Vantage Point Products Carbon Fibre Photography Mast Wireless HD Images of Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Eastleigh Landing Take-off

     2015 Vantage Point Products 35ft Photography Mast Images of Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Eastleigh Incident

     Vantage Point Products HD Images of Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Eastleigh Playing Field Landing

     Vantage Point Products Camera Mast Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance

    Vantage Point Products Camera Mast Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Mid Air

     Vantage Point Products Camera Mast Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance Flying Over UK

    Vantage Point Products Camera Mast Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance 2015


    How To Use Gutter Inspection Cameras for High Level Vacuum Cleaning May 14 2015

    Well - it's been over 18 months since this blog article was written and published, and we are pleased to say it has been our most popular article yet, gathering literally thousands of views, from all over the world.

    Many customer have been more than satisfied with our inspection camera systems, and the majority of buyers of our Essential SD Wireless range have been operating companies that offer gutter vacuum cleaning for some time.

    We've also advised people who are planning to start gutter vacuuming businesses, and we've even replaced multiple camera systems that our competitors supplied with their own gutter vacuum systems!

    • Our products have been put through their paces in real-world conditions.
    • They are truly fit for purpose.
    • We believe our customer service and support is unrivalled.

    If this blog article has been helpful to you, why not let us know by email or telephone? We don't do the hard sell, but we love to help those who are starting, improving or expanding their inspection and cleaning businesses.

    Please feel free to take a look at our range of gutter vacuum or pole compatible inspection camera products shown here.

    Or if you require a rugged higher definition camera system, please take a look at our range (can be sold with or without the poles).



    1. Attach our rugged wireless Standard Definition (SD) wireless camera to the top of a telescopic pole (perhaps your existing water fed pole or one of the 100% carbon fibre poles we supply for this purpose), and our wireless DVR monitor at the bottom to view what debris (if any) is in the gutter. The adjustable mounts we provide will enable quick, easy and secure mounting of both the camera and DVR monitor. 

    Use the DVR to take photos (easy one-button function), and store these on the DVR for download later.

    Add these photos in the quote for the customer for each part of the property to be cleaned.

    Collage of four images taken by Essential Pro Gutter Inspection Camera Kit

    2. Or, attach our recommended High Definition (HD) wireless camera to the top of your telescopic pole, and use your App enabled smartphone to view and zoom in on the live view HD image, taking photos.

    These photos are immediately downloaded to your smartphone (and stored on the HD camera). You can then either show the customer there and then, or add these photos into your quote for each part of the property to be cleaned.

    HD images of blocked downpipe - before cleaning


    1. Either attach the HD camera to the top of your telescopic pole, or gutter vacuum head, and inspect the gutters again using your app enabled smartphone. Please note: the HD camera is not tough enough to survive being attached to the gutter vacuum head during gutter vacuuming, and it is not weatherproof.

    2. Alternatively, attach our rugged SD camera to the gutter vacuum head, and attach the DVR to the base vacuum tube section you will handle. You will receive live SD images during the cleaning process, to see what you have missed, helping you complete the job quickly and effectively.

    3. Another option is to also have the HD camera ready, attached to a telescopic pole on site.

    You can use this to view the area being vacuumed to see if you missed anything, and if it is all clear. If not, pick up the gutter vacuum again and carry on. Some people like to have both a HD camera ready for viewing via telescopic pole when required, and the tougher SD camera attached to the gutter vacuum head for the actual cleaning. This would require purchasing both an SD and HD wireless camera (and associated mounts).


    1. Use a telescopic pole, and either the SD or HD camera to survey the area. Take either SD or HD “after” photos to prove works have been completed satisfactorily. These can be included in an “after clean” report, also showing what the “before” images looked like prior to cleaning

    2. Sometimes your customer may want to see the live images while the camera is up there, via the SD DVR or your smartphone connected to the HD camera. It gives them confidence you are honest, and are happy to give evidence that you have done the job to a high standard.

    HD image of clear gutter length

    You can use either a SD or HD wireless camera to successfully and safely complete the inspection before, during and after cleaning.

    Alternatively you could use both, it’s up to you....

    As you can see, it's not just about providing the best SD and HD wireless imaging solutions on the market for high level inspections, survey's and cleaning. Our customers benefit from our expertise and guidance.

    You are not just buying a are buying a solution with ongoing customer support....just listen to what our client's have to say about us:

    "Received my camera kit today…. product looks and feels very professional…. I have tested it on my own gutters and it does exactly what it is designed for…. Thanks for all your help and support…. Vantage Point Products offers excellent customer service and products as described on your website. I would recommend you to anyone."
    - SCP Window and Gutter Cleaning - Birmingham
    "Tom, many thanks for your help and time upon this project. Very professional and dedicated. It goes hugely appreciated"
    - GL, London. (Custom telescopic HD roof imaging system).
    • We have tried and tested our wireless rugged SD camera, the wireless HD camera, and all our mounts to make sure they work well with telescopic water fed poles and gutter vacuum systems. 
    • Some companies offer similar wireless SD cameras, but none of these are rugged enough to protect them from impact during use, dust and weather, and the mounting options are not very practical.
    • For wireless HD cameras, some people have tried to use action cameras as they are tougher, but they are not very reliable when wirelessly connected to app enabled smartphone, and the battery drains very quickly during wireless connection. They are typically less than 12 or 10 megapixels for still photos. Who enjoys watching shaky and noisy video of gutter vacuuming anyway?
    • Our wireless HD camera is lightweight, practical, offers 18.2 megapixel photos, 10 x optical zoom (live view on app enabled smartphone) and simple one-press auto download for image storage and viewing. This means you can quickly and clearly see what is up there in fantastic quality, with images that really wow the customer but are easy to download and add to your quote.
    • We also offer protective cases for your cameras, mounts and accessories that prove very useful in your vehicle and on-site during use. We only source military grade protective cases and kit bags.
    • As for telescopic poles, we choose to sell a wide range of heights, to carry our SD and HD inspection camera systems where you need to reach safely.

    Here is a link to our product video, showing our wireless SD camera and DVR kit ("Essential" model) used with our 35ft carbon fibre telescopic pole:


    Call us, email us, and feel free to ask any questions you wish - we are always happy to help!

    We can even build custom solutions to meet your individual needs, if required. 

    Low Cost Drone Free Carbon Fibre Mast Elevated HD Imaging Solution May 07 2015

    Do you require a solution to meet your elevated imaging needs, but cannot afford the cost, time, training, insurance and risk of using an aerial drone?

    Take a look at the results from our elevated HD imaging solution below.

    We are proud to say that these images were used by the Daily Echo Newspaper in Southampton for their online report about this incident that same evening!

    Before the shoot we spoke with those present who reported that, thankfully, no-one was injured at all. Therefore, we felt it was decent, safe and unobtrusive to take images. The hardworking Police and other civil authorities are welcome to contact us, and we will share our images if they feel they would benefit from them for analysis or case reporting, etc. 

    It is not difficult to see other applications for this elevated imaging solution within the:

    • Police
    • Rescue Services
    • Building and Survey Industry
    • Environmental Organisation and Conservation Field
    • Photography and Media
    • ....among many others. 

    If any authority or organisation would like a product demonstration, we would be glad to arrange this.

    HD photography using our 35ft high telescopic carbon fibre photo mast

    HD imaging from our 35ft high telescopic carbon fibre photo mast

    The HD camera and elevated imaging mast we used here will soon be available for purchase or hire from

    As an overview, here is some further brief information on the camera and mast we used, along with the time taken for this shoot:

    • Lightweight 18 megapixel HD camera with Wi-Fi app connection to smartphone - any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet can be used to control the camera and view what it sees from the high vantage point - LIVE!
    • Lightweight, portable, rigid 35ft telescopic carbon fibre photography mast (retracts to 1.7m for easy carriage in vehicle) - by Vantage Point Products
    • Time taken from set up, through imaging (about 30 shots in total), and pack down - under 15 minutes
    • One operative, no extensive training required, only basic training on safe pole handling, camera operation, and best practice - provided without charge by Vantage Point Products upon purchase of goods via

    We offer a range of carbon fibre telescopic photography masts with this HD imaging system that range from 18ft right up to 74ft tall. This enables multi-storey HD imaging without the use of an aerial drone or mobile elevated work platform!

    Sign up to our newsletter, or contact us to receive more information on our new HD elevated imaging solution - Coming Soon to! 

    Product Demonstration - Telescopic Property Inspection by Vantage Point Products April 20 2015

    Hello again!

    You may have arrived here after viewing our latest online video entitled; Vantage Point Products - Telescopic Wireless Inspection Camera Kits.

    If not, here is the video for you to review: 

    The common problem:

    A roof and gutter inspection can be an expensive and high risk task for anyone. Aside from the danger to person and property, think of the costs involved for hiring or even buying ladders, scaffolding, or a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP).

    What about the insurance, training, delivery and set-up time involved with these types of equipment normally used to carry out a safe inspection at height?!

    All these costs have to be recovered somewhere, normally during the quotation process. This can render any inspection impractical or not commercially viable. 

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) are amazingly versatile, and they certainly have their place in high level inspection. However, even camera equipped drones require a high degree of skill, training, and qualifications to operate commercially according to the latest UK (and overseas) regulations. If you subcontract a UAV imaging specialist, you will find yourself paying for one, or more often than not, two drone operators to complete the task safely. Not to mention permission issues from anyone who may object to having their person or property overlooked by a drone, and an operator they may not be able to see or speak with for reassurances of privacy.

    A viable solution:

    Telescopic wireless inspection camera systems can be used for the majority of property inspections. This video demonstrated an inspection over three storeys using our 35ft Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole and Wireless Imaging System.

    We also offer carbon fibre telescopic imaging systems that reach up to 55ft (or higher by custom request). 

    As demonstrated in the above video, Wireless Standard Definition systems are satisfactory for most inspections. However, Vantage Point Products also offer a range of custom Wireless High Definition imaging and inspection systems when greater detail, image zoom, smartphone connection or further analysis is required (see below).

    Example of Standard Definition imaging (from the survey carried out in the above video)

      Image of blocked down pipe from telescopic survey 

    Points to note about this particular survey:

    • Time taken - Under 5 mins from arrival, inspection and pack down
    • Level of risk - No working at height was required - no ladders, no scaffolding, and no MEWP's. 
    • Image quality - Standard Definition was suitable for both identifying the problem using the Live View feature of our 5" colour wireless DVR, and for taking photos for quick insertion into reports, risk assessments, method statements and quotations (see above for image with simple overlaid text for reporting the problem) 
    • Overall cost to remove blockage -  The work can be carried out quickly and safely with a high reach gutter vacuum system (you can even attach our camera system to the gutter vacuum head and tubing to see your work before, during and after!). 
    • Overall profit margin - You are already well in the green with the money and time you saved not hiring, buying or setting up scaffolding or a MEWP. You probably have the most competitive quote too, now that you have kept your costs of plant and manpower as low as possible.
    • Competitive edge - You are probably the only contractor that had the capability to quickly investigate their problem, safely take photos, supply images and actually prove to your potential customer that there exists a problem in the first place! The property owner or manager will not only choose the most cost effective solution, it will be the contractor they trust.

    Not all properties get away with as little problem as a blocked down pipe - take a look at these examples from inspections carried out using our equipment!

     standard definition images of blocked gutters from telescopic inspection camera survey

    If you require a Telescopic Wireless High Definition (HD) Inspection Camera System we can provide this - take a look at our HD images below from a roof inspection, and a solar panel installation:

    image of 55ft carbon fibre telescopic high definition roof camera survey


     image of high definition solar panel installation roof survey

    We hope that you found both the video and blog article we produced to be helpful in your decision making process.

    Please feel free to visit our online shop to evaluate our products in more detail:

    If you require more detailed information (such as specifications and performance) on each product in our range, then click here to visit our product pages within our online shop.

    Alternatively, if you have any further questions, or you require a custom High Definition Wireless Imaging and Inspection System, then please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

    We look forward to speaking with you!