Carbon Fibre Photography Masts - Pole Position For Your Elevated Sports Event Imaging! April 03 2016

Hello again! 

How do you get set up in a busy crowd of spectators, safely elevate your camera to 35ft, capture unique images, download your work that morning, and get your images published online by the city newspaper that afternoon?

Tom Hogan, Owner of Vantage Point Products explains how....

"The Hendy Ford Eastleigh 10K Road Race took place at 9 o'clock sharp on Sunday the 20th of March 2016. 

For safety, the roads were sealed off from traffic, and local parking was minimal, so I walked over a mile from our office to the starting line by 8 o'clock, with plenty of time to plan the shoot and get some test shots. 

The light weight 35ft ft carbon fibre photography mast I was carrying made this easy as it only weighed 2.15 kgs, and retracted to 1.7 metres.

The only imaging equipment I needed to bring was my trusty Wi-Fi enabled Sony QX-10 18.2 mega pixel camera (10 x optical zoom), my Samsung Galaxy smartphone to control the camera remotely, and an adjustable smartphone mast mount (all, except the camera, is available through

Quickly and easily weaving my way through the assembled crowd of runners warming up, and spectators jostling for a spot to watch from, I got set up, making sure to position myself away from any trip hazard, obstructions, or overhead cables.

Vantage Point Products Elevated 35ft Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast Eastleigh Hendy Ford 10K Road Race 2016

There was no need to waste time setting up and packing away all the gear between each position; our carbon fibre photography mast could be safely extended, retracted and re-positioned with the camera and smartphone controller still attached, ready to shoot - now that's portable!

Now that I was in position, delighted with the elevated vantage point among interested spectators, runners and photographers covering the event, the Official prepared to start the race. 

The air fell silent as the runners prepared their minds and bodies for the race they have trained so hard for. This is where the 35ft vantage point, 10 x optical zoom and some nifty Sony Play Memories smartphone app remote control paid off. I managed to capture the steely looks of determination on the front runners as they set their watches, encouraged their peers, and waited for the starting pistol.

Vantage Point Products Elevated Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast

Carbon Fibre Aerial Photography Mast Vantage Point Products UK 

Now here's where I captured, what I feel, was the best shot out of all my work that morning. I wanted to catch the surge that happens when the race starts, where everyone at the front heads off, and the crowd compresses and expands as wave after wave of runners take their first step into the first metre of all ten thousand to follow. 

Vantage Point Products Elevated Photography Video Sports Mast Road Race Marathon Images

The last shot was of the whole race-pack, leading away from the starting line along Passfield Avenue toward Fleming Park Leisure Centre; behind which the finishing line would be waiting, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine metres later!

Pole Photography Mast Vantage Point Products Runners Passfield Avenue Fleming Park

I had no intention to photograph the finishing line. There were professional photographers paid to do that. What I wanted to capture was the key part of every race where this saying begins and ends: "It's not the winning but the taking part that counts".

Within a few hours, I had sent the images off to the Southampton Daily Echo - the local city newspaper. Under the proviso of crediting my name and company, as I have done so twice before ("Badi Mirchi restaurant fire" and "overturned bin lorry Woodside Avenue"), I allowed them to use a copy of my images to promote their article covering the race.

I was pleased to see one of my accredited photographs on the front page of their online publication, which they then decided to use as a thumbnail image to generate interest for their article."

IImage used by Southampton Daily Echo, by Vantage Point Products Elevated 35ft Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast Eastleigh Hendy Ford 10K Road Race

 Elevated Photography Image Thumbnail used by Daily Echo Southampton, by Vantage Point Products

So what do you think?

More often than not, you don't need a drone to capture high quality elevated images and even video of sports and similar events. In fact, nine out of ten times you are not legally allowed to fly a drone nearby. Imaging by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has its' place, but with current legislation, their practical application is limited. Professional, qualified photography and video drone pilots are usually highly trained, skilled, and very well insured, but they have to pass those costs onward, as would anyone who wanted to operate a drone legally and safely. This limits their customer base to those who can afford to cover those costs.

In contrast, a portable telescopic carbon fibre photography and video mast is accessible to almost every photographer, from amateur enthusiasts to professionals. Most importantly, elevated mast photography is affordable, safe, and highly practical.  

At Vantage Point Products, we would be glad to help you find an elevated imaging solution to meet your exact needs - whether that is to safely elevate a super light weight camera under 350 grams between 27ft and even 74ft, or a DSLR to 30ft or 40ft!

We can assemble elevated photography and video masts from a range of high quality carbon fibre material, from max standard modulus, high modulus and even ultra high modulus for the greatest strength and rigidity. We also supply a high quality aluminium telescopic tripod to support our 30ft or 40ft masts.


What are you waiting for?

- Please contact Tom by email, through

- Let us know what camera you intend to use, the height you want to elevate it to, and how you wish to control it remotely. We can make some solid recommendations for cameras and other equipment required.

- Most importantly, let us know your deadline for delivery - we ship worldwide, and will do our utmost to meet your shoot deadline.

- Consider our detailed quote, buy a mast (or more), and start getting those unique, highly valuable elevated images and video! 

We look forward to hearing from you!