Raising the Standard for Elevated Resort and Accommodation Photography June 09 2016

What happens when award winning British company Villa Plus invests in safe, innovative elevated photography masts? Take a look for yourself!

Elevated Resort and Accommodation Photography using Vantage Point Products' Mast

For more than 28 years Villa Plus has been putting forth every effort to offer the best value for money in a villa holiday experience. They manage more than 1250 villas over 15 or more destinations around the Mediterranean; from the Algarve to Cyprus, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, the Greek and Balearic islands, through to Croatia and Turkey.

For Villa Plus, it is as important to make their resort and accommodation photography look as stunning as the beautiful locations they are established in. 

For years, they have worked closely with some of the best photographers in each region to do so, but still, Villa Plus wanted to squeeze every last drop of azure sea and gorgeous scenery for their customers. 

So how did they rise to the challenge?

Villa Plus invested in the latest innovation for safe, stable and ultra-portable elevated photography - Vantage Point Products' 30ft 9.25m Carbon Fibre Telescopic Photography Mast and Tripod!

Equipping a number of their photographers with our elevated imaging systems, they quickly got to work. Feedback from the Villa Plus team has been very positive - they have been happy to get these unique views without having to use a noisy, costly flying camera drone. 

In fact, Villa Plus have come back for more, and outfitted yet another photographer with one of our elevated imaging systems! 

If you plan to holiday in the Mediterranean, or you own property in that region, please take a look at the images captured below, and ask yourself these questions:

- Do I know of another villa rental holiday company who go to such great lengths to help me imagine relaxing in their accommodation and surroundings?

- Is my villa management agent making every effort to market my holiday property to such a high standard?

Villa Plus Resort Photography using Vantage Point Products' 30ft Carbon Fibre Telescopic Mast and Tripod

Photography mast Spain Mallorca accommodation Vantage Point Products

Drone alternatives for aerial shots - Vantage Point Products

Vantage Point Products ship our carbon fibre elevated photography masts worldwide.

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