Elevated Photography - Field Testing Our 18ft Monopod and CASE Remote Wireless DSLR Camera Controller April 15 2015

Hello Again!

We have received a great deal of interest in our 100% Carbon Fibre Telescopic 30ft Mast and 18ft Monopod

Well, we listened closely and have put together a field testing report below for current and potential customers to benefit from. We have included detail of all the components we used to create an effective elevated photography platform that is lightweight, portable, easy to set up and most importantly - very strong and stable!

The Location:

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon last weekend we took to the field and visited Lepe Country Park, a real gem of a location for outdoor photography. This is where the New Forest meets the blue-ish green of the Solent, with views of the Isle of Wight; sailboats gracefully navigate the waters, sea kayaks bravely push out from the estuary, and huge multicoloured container ships pass by heading for the port of Southampton.

The Gear:

We decided to use our 100% Carbon Fibre 18ft Telescopic Monopod that day, as we wanted to walk, explore, and carry all our gear at the same time. When we found the perfect spot, we were quickly able to do an initial set up of our equipment in under 2 mins (Nikon DSLR, monopod, wireless remote, and smartphone mount). Once set up, we could extend, retract and carry all the components connected to one another from place to place, depending on changing conditions and shooting opportunities.

Here's what our set up looked like:

Elevated photography gear set up using our DSLR, 18ft carbon fibre telescopic monopod, CASE remote wireless DSLR camera controller, adjustable flex grip mount, universal smartphone holder, and smartphone  

The Set Up:

All of the above products (except our own DSLR and smartphone!) are available through our online store at www.vantagepointproducts.com

The Weather Conditions:

As peaceful as the above scene may appear, the wind was blowing fairly strongly on-shore that day. However, even when fully extended the equipment was stable, the 18ft Monopod was easy to handle, and operation of the DSLR via the CASE Remote smartphone app was very manageable.

The Results:

Although we do not consider ourselves to be professional photographers, for amateur enthusiasts we were happy with the resultant images. Without the elevated vantage point, we would not have been able to rise above the (sharp thorny) bushes, frame the shot with the tree canopy, capture the sweep of the beach, or the staggering of the wooden groins segmenting the sand. 

Elevated photography vantage point of Lepe Country Park beach using an 18ft carbon fibre telescopic monopod and a CASE remote wireless DSLR camera controller

The Unexpected Results!:

A number of photographers were out and about that day, making the most of the weather and location. Our equipment led to some very interesting discussions, and even an on-site demonstration! It came as quite a surprise to those who handled the monopod (at full extension with our own camera) just how light, rigid and stable the whole set up was, even in the strong wind that afternoon. New contacts were made, expertise was shared, and upcoming projects were discussed. It appears that more business is coming in to view for Vantage Point Products!

If you saw us out that day, or have just seen our blog post now, please feel free to contact us - we welcome your ideas, expertise and custom.

How we can help you:

All our systems are available for purchase, and we ship internationally. Alternatively why not consider hiring our equipment, or requesting a demonstration.

If you want to discuss working along side us for a shoot of your own, we would be happy to come to an arrangement - create something amazing with our equipment and your photography skills, show others how your work benefited from our products, and we will gladly promote you - after all, a rising tide raises all boats! 

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