Product Demonstration - Telescopic Property Inspection by Vantage Point Products April 20 2015

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The common problem:

A roof and gutter inspection can be an expensive and high risk task for anyone. Aside from the danger to person and property, think of the costs involved for hiring or even buying ladders, scaffolding, or a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP).

What about the insurance, training, delivery and set-up time involved with these types of equipment normally used to carry out a safe inspection at height?!

All these costs have to be recovered somewhere, normally during the quotation process. This can render any inspection impractical or not commercially viable. 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) are amazingly versatile, and they certainly have their place in high level inspection. However, even camera equipped drones require a high degree of skill, training, and qualifications to operate commercially according to the latest UK (and overseas) regulations. If you subcontract a UAV imaging specialist, you will find yourself paying for one, or more often than not, two drone operators to complete the task safely. Not to mention permission issues from anyone who may object to having their person or property overlooked by a drone, and an operator they may not be able to see or speak with for reassurances of privacy.

A viable solution:

Telescopic wireless inspection camera systems can be used for the majority of property inspections. This video demonstrated an inspection over three storeys using our 35ft Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole and Wireless Imaging System.

We also offer carbon fibre telescopic imaging systems that reach up to 55ft (or higher by custom request). 

As demonstrated in the above video, Wireless Standard Definition systems are satisfactory for most inspections. However, Vantage Point Products also offer a range of custom Wireless High Definition imaging and inspection systems when greater detail, image zoom, smartphone connection or further analysis is required (see below).

Example of Standard Definition imaging (from the survey carried out in the above video)

  Image of blocked down pipe from telescopic survey 

Points to note about this particular survey:

  • Time taken - Under 5 mins from arrival, inspection and pack down
  • Level of risk - No working at height was required - no ladders, no scaffolding, and no MEWP's. 
  • Image quality - Standard Definition was suitable for both identifying the problem using the Live View feature of our 5" colour wireless DVR, and for taking photos for quick insertion into reports, risk assessments, method statements and quotations (see above for image with simple overlaid text for reporting the problem) 
  • Overall cost to remove blockage -  The work can be carried out quickly and safely with a high reach gutter vacuum system (you can even attach our camera system to the gutter vacuum head and tubing to see your work before, during and after!). 
  • Overall profit margin - You are already well in the green with the money and time you saved not hiring, buying or setting up scaffolding or a MEWP. You probably have the most competitive quote too, now that you have kept your costs of plant and manpower as low as possible.
  • Competitive edge - You are probably the only contractor that had the capability to quickly investigate their problem, safely take photos, supply images and actually prove to your potential customer that there exists a problem in the first place! The property owner or manager will not only choose the most cost effective solution, it will be the contractor they trust.

Not all properties get away with as little problem as a blocked down pipe - take a look at these examples from inspections carried out using our equipment!

 standard definition images of blocked gutters from telescopic inspection camera survey

If you require a Telescopic Wireless High Definition (HD) Inspection Camera System we can provide this - take a look at our HD images below from a roof inspection, and a solar panel installation:

image of 55ft carbon fibre telescopic high definition roof camera survey


 image of high definition solar panel installation roof survey

We hope that you found both the video and blog article we produced to be helpful in your decision making process.

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