Low Cost Drone Free Carbon Fibre Mast Elevated HD Imaging Solution May 07 2015

Do you require a solution to meet your elevated imaging needs, but cannot afford the cost, time, training, insurance and risk of using an aerial drone?

Take a look at the results from our elevated HD imaging solution below.

We are proud to say that these images were used by the Daily Echo Newspaper in Southampton for their online report about this incident that same evening!

Before the shoot we spoke with those present who reported that, thankfully, no-one was injured at all. Therefore, we felt it was decent, safe and unobtrusive to take images. The hardworking Police and other civil authorities are welcome to contact us, and we will share our images if they feel they would benefit from them for analysis or case reporting, etc. 

It is not difficult to see other applications for this elevated imaging solution within the:

  • Police
  • Rescue Services
  • Building and Survey Industry
  • Environmental Organisation and Conservation Field
  • Photography and Media
  • ....among many others. 

If any authority or organisation would like a product demonstration, we would be glad to arrange this.

HD photography using our 35ft high telescopic carbon fibre photo mast

HD imaging from our 35ft high telescopic carbon fibre photo mast

The HD camera and elevated imaging mast we used here will soon be available for purchase or hire from www.vantagepointproducts.com.

As an overview, here is some further brief information on the camera and mast we used, along with the time taken for this shoot:

  • Lightweight 18 megapixel HD camera with Wi-Fi app connection to smartphone - any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet can be used to control the camera and view what it sees from the high vantage point - LIVE!
  • Lightweight, portable, rigid 35ft telescopic carbon fibre photography mast (retracts to 1.7m for easy carriage in vehicle) - by Vantage Point Products
  • Time taken from set up, through imaging (about 30 shots in total), and pack down - under 15 minutes
  • One operative, no extensive training required, only basic training on safe pole handling, camera operation, and best practice - provided without charge by Vantage Point Products upon purchase of goods via www.vantagepointproducts.com

We offer a range of carbon fibre telescopic photography masts with this HD imaging system that range from 18ft right up to 74ft tall. This enables multi-storey HD imaging without the use of an aerial drone or mobile elevated work platform!

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