How To Use Gutter Inspection Cameras for High Level Vacuum Cleaning May 14 2015

Well - it's been over 18 months since this blog article was written and published, and we are pleased to say it has been our most popular article yet, gathering literally thousands of views, from all over the world.

Many customer have been more than satisfied with our inspection camera systems, and the majority of buyers of our Essential SD Wireless range have been operating companies that offer gutter vacuum cleaning for some time.

We've also advised people who are planning to start gutter vacuuming businesses, and we've even replaced multiple camera systems that our competitors supplied with their own gutter vacuum systems!

  • Our products have been put through their paces in real-world conditions.
  • They are truly fit for purpose.
  • We believe our customer service and support is unrivalled.

If this blog article has been helpful to you, why not let us know by email or telephone? We don't do the hard sell, but we love to help those who are starting, improving or expanding their inspection and cleaning businesses.

Please feel free to take a look at our range of gutter vacuum or pole compatible inspection camera products shown here.

Or if you require a rugged higher definition camera system, please take a look at our range (can be sold with or without the poles).



1. Attach our rugged wireless Standard Definition (SD) wireless camera to the top of a telescopic pole (perhaps your existing water fed pole or one of the 100% carbon fibre poles we supply for this purpose), and our wireless DVR monitor at the bottom to view what debris (if any) is in the gutter. The adjustable mounts we provide will enable quick, easy and secure mounting of both the camera and DVR monitor. 

Use the DVR to take photos (easy one-button function), and store these on the DVR for download later.

Add these photos in the quote for the customer for each part of the property to be cleaned.

Collage of four images taken by Essential Pro Gutter Inspection Camera Kit

2. Or, attach our recommended High Definition (HD) wireless camera to the top of your telescopic pole, and use your App enabled smartphone to view and zoom in on the live view HD image, taking photos.

These photos are immediately downloaded to your smartphone (and stored on the HD camera). You can then either show the customer there and then, or add these photos into your quote for each part of the property to be cleaned.

HD images of blocked downpipe - before cleaning


1. Either attach the HD camera to the top of your telescopic pole, or gutter vacuum head, and inspect the gutters again using your app enabled smartphone. Please note: the HD camera is not tough enough to survive being attached to the gutter vacuum head during gutter vacuuming, and it is not weatherproof.

2. Alternatively, attach our rugged SD camera to the gutter vacuum head, and attach the DVR to the base vacuum tube section you will handle. You will receive live SD images during the cleaning process, to see what you have missed, helping you complete the job quickly and effectively.

3. Another option is to also have the HD camera ready, attached to a telescopic pole on site.

You can use this to view the area being vacuumed to see if you missed anything, and if it is all clear. If not, pick up the gutter vacuum again and carry on. Some people like to have both a HD camera ready for viewing via telescopic pole when required, and the tougher SD camera attached to the gutter vacuum head for the actual cleaning. This would require purchasing both an SD and HD wireless camera (and associated mounts).


1. Use a telescopic pole, and either the SD or HD camera to survey the area. Take either SD or HD “after” photos to prove works have been completed satisfactorily. These can be included in an “after clean” report, also showing what the “before” images looked like prior to cleaning

2. Sometimes your customer may want to see the live images while the camera is up there, via the SD DVR or your smartphone connected to the HD camera. It gives them confidence you are honest, and are happy to give evidence that you have done the job to a high standard.

HD image of clear gutter length

You can use either a SD or HD wireless camera to successfully and safely complete the inspection before, during and after cleaning.

Alternatively you could use both, it’s up to you....

As you can see, it's not just about providing the best SD and HD wireless imaging solutions on the market for high level inspections, survey's and cleaning. Our customers benefit from our expertise and guidance.

You are not just buying a are buying a solution with ongoing customer support....just listen to what our client's have to say about us:

"Received my camera kit today…. product looks and feels very professional…. I have tested it on my own gutters and it does exactly what it is designed for…. Thanks for all your help and support…. Vantage Point Products offers excellent customer service and products as described on your website. I would recommend you to anyone."
- SCP Window and Gutter Cleaning - Birmingham
"Tom, many thanks for your help and time upon this project. Very professional and dedicated. It goes hugely appreciated"
- GL, London. (Custom telescopic HD roof imaging system).
  • We have tried and tested our wireless rugged SD camera, the wireless HD camera, and all our mounts to make sure they work well with telescopic water fed poles and gutter vacuum systems. 
  • Some companies offer similar wireless SD cameras, but none of these are rugged enough to protect them from impact during use, dust and weather, and the mounting options are not very practical.
  • For wireless HD cameras, some people have tried to use action cameras as they are tougher, but they are not very reliable when wirelessly connected to app enabled smartphone, and the battery drains very quickly during wireless connection. They are typically less than 12 or 10 megapixels for still photos. Who enjoys watching shaky and noisy video of gutter vacuuming anyway?
  • Our wireless HD camera is lightweight, practical, offers 18.2 megapixel photos, 10 x optical zoom (live view on app enabled smartphone) and simple one-press auto download for image storage and viewing. This means you can quickly and clearly see what is up there in fantastic quality, with images that really wow the customer but are easy to download and add to your quote.
  • We also offer protective cases for your cameras, mounts and accessories that prove very useful in your vehicle and on-site during use. We only source military grade protective cases and kit bags.
  • As for telescopic poles, we choose to sell a wide range of heights, to carry our SD and HD inspection camera systems where you need to reach safely.

Here is a link to our product video, showing our wireless SD camera and DVR kit ("Essential" model) used with our 35ft carbon fibre telescopic pole:


Call us, email us, and feel free to ask any questions you wish - we are always happy to help!

We can even build custom solutions to meet your individual needs, if required.