Only Your Gutter Vac Should Suck - Not Your Gutter Inspection Camera! September 23 2015

Hello again,

No doubt you'd agree that it is a pleasure when a product works the way it is supposed to: well designed, fit for purpose and worth the money?

What about gutter inspection camera systems used for high level vacuum cleaning? Why should it be any different there?

After all, you may have spent between £1000 and £2500 on a complete gutter vac system - so much that you got the camera system for "free"....but what has it cost you in time, replacement parts, and frustration?

More than 6 years ago we built our own Gutter Vacuum System for the cleaning business we operated, and we quickly realised the value of including Before and After photos with our quote. We routinely landed 9 out of 10 quotes we submitted, with customers reporting that, although we were never the cheapest, they felt that they could trust us and that we offered the most professional service (which they were happy to pay a little extra for!)

You may want an inspection kit of your own, but trying to DIY a camera system that is practical (at least tough and weatherproof) and affordable ("I'll try this..££, that..£££..uh oh, this is adding up quick!"), can be challenging to say the least!

"Do I buy a Wi-Fi enabled GoPro, a wireless drain inspection kit with detachable monitor, a wireless car / trailer reversing camera kit, or a wireless baby monitor?" you may ask.

At the end of the day, the choice is always yours, with most people looking to hit that sweet spot of suitability, performance and value for money. 

Yes, all camera systems have their limitations, but imagine how good it would be if a manufacturer actually listened to the constructive feedback from the real experts who use these gutter vacuum mounted camera systems day to day, and improved their products accordingly.

This is exactly what we as Vantage Point Products have done!  

Below, in the left column are some of the problems reported to us by a number of high reach vacuuming experts (customers of other gutter vac related equipment retailers). In the right column is a detailed list of solutions we have already designed, manufactured, tried and tested - available for retail on

Please note: It is not our goal to speak negatively of other companies that provide camera systems with their Gutter Vacuum Systems, or those who sell them separately. When you want a Gutter Vac, you go to the experts....when you want a suitable camera system for safe imaging at height that is truly fit for purpose, shouldn't you do the same? 

Common Complaints with Existing Systems Tried and Tested Solution provided by Vantage Point Products:

1. The Camera Mounting System: THE PROBLEM

 - "The camera keeps falling off the gutter vac head tool!"

 - "The camera keeps getting sucked up into the vacuum!"

 - "The camera mount gets wet and slips off the position we want it to stay in"

1. The Camera Mounting System: OUR SOLUTION

We sourced a military grade weatherproof rubberised mount that securely mounts our camera to all goose necks and gutter vac head tools (inc. 38mm, 51mm, and even 76mm OD) 

Vantage Point Products image of gutter vacuum system rugged weatherproof camera

2. The Camera Housing: THE PROBLEM

 - "I can't use it in wet weather without risking damaging it"

 - "It is not tough enough to take the knocks during every day gutter cleaning"

 - "It keeps slipping out of position when mounted"


2. The Camera Housing: OUR SOLUTION

We designed and tested our rubberised protective camera housing to be weatherproof, dust proof and impact resistant. The surface of the camera housing has a rugged pattern designed to grip in the mount, to stop any slipping from position.

Vantage Point Products image of wireless inspection camera rugged weatherproof mounted on gardiner pole       

3. Camera Battery Life: THE PROBLEM

- "I need to work all day, but my camera battery doesn't last long enough between charges"

3. Camera Battery Life: OUR SOLUTION

We designed and tested our rugged camera system to be supported by a weatherproof battery power bank that provides 6-8 hours extra battery life so you can work all day.

The weather proof battery power bank also uses the same mounting system as our camera, so it fits all goose necks and gutter vacuum heads tools (38mm, 51mm, and even 76mm OD).

Vantage Point Products image of wireless gutter vac vacuum inspection camera rugged weatherproof with battery power bank 6-8 hour battery life per charge 

4. The Display Monitor: THE PROBLEM

 - "I can't see the screen clearly in sunlight"

 - "the screen size is too small"

 - "the image quality is not good enough to show my customer, or to include in quotes"

- "my monitor battery lasts 3 hours at best, but I need to work all day without interruption"

 - "the display fits to my pole, but I cannot adjust the angle of the screen and it doesn't seem very securely mounted"

 - "The range of my camera and monitor is too limited, and prone to interference"

 - "I want to use a wired camera for long distance gutter vacuuming well above 15m (~50ft), or over and into thick metal areas such as box gutters or air-conditioning vents that can block radio waves from wireless cameras".  

4. The Display Monitor: OUR SOLUTION

We do not rely on manually or automatically increasing or decreasing screen contrast to offer a partial solution.

Our DVR monitor offers the following complete solutions:

Vantage Point Products image of wireless 5" DVR monitor for all telescopic poles and gutter vacuum systems

  • Integrated fold out engineered sunshade blocking light from the top and sides of the monitor
  • 5" screen size - one of the largest on the market that is still practical to use on a pole
  • Our Cameras and DVR monitor has the highest level of Standard Definition available in 800 x 480 in 16:9 or 4:3 ratio
  • Screen brightness of 300 cd/m2 - (not including added benefits of sunshade)
  • The DVR monitor lasts 4.5-5 hours on a full charge, but 8 hours + when supported by our weather battery power bank!  
  • Both live view and image snapshots are easily clear and readable on-site, and imported into quotes and other inspection documentation

  • The DVR monitor mount is tough, weatherproof, secure, and yet adjustable for different monitor viewing angles. It fits all telescopic poles and gutter vacuum tubing up to 52mm OD.
  • The DVR Monitor does not rely on internal patch antennas, but instead uses an optimised external antenna that is adjustable in angle to get the best Line Of Sight signal from our wireless camera.
  • The DVR monitors have also been designed to work with our Rugged Wired Camera System, with custom cable lengths to meet our customers needs - or more than 25m long! The cable has been designed to be quickly and securely be fixed to poles and vacuum tubes, so they do not get in the way during cleaning or inspection.   

Vantage Point Products image of 51mm tubing secure adjustable wireless DVR monitor mount for telescopic poles and guttervac gutter vacuum systems

    5. Options for an additional High Definition (HD) camera systemTHE PROBLEM

     - "I only need a Standard Definition (SD) camera system during cleaning, but it would be very useful to have a good value HD camera for taking good looking Before and After images of my work for marketing,  customers and documents etc"

     - "I cannot afford an action camera with Wi-Fi remote control, and even if I could would it really be practical?"

     - "How would I mount the smartphone or tablet used to control the action camera, to the pole or gutter vacuum tube?"

     - "If I am now using my smartphone or tablet to control the HD camera, how can I make that waterproof too, or protect it if I drop it on-site?"

     - "Which HD camera systems should I look at, and which ones should I avoid wasting my money on?"

    5. Options for an additional High Definition (HD) camera system: OUR SOLUTION

    Choosing a truly practical, yet affordable HD camera for your pole or gutter vacuum  system can be very, very tricky. Vantage Point products have tested a number of options on the market, and have listened to real world users.

    In response, we have consulted and sourced suitable tried and tested HD cameras that have proved viable for our customers exact requirements.

    Vantage Point Products image of drone free carbon fibre pole 55ft roof wireless HD camera survey

    We choose not to advertise these via our site at present, but we encourage people to contact us and we will offer our advice. If you want our recommendation or a quotation (and even a demonstration) this can be arranged. We can source suitable HD cameras, and pole / vacuum tube mounting systems for both the camera, smartphone and tablet if required. 

    The systems we source can avoid problems like Fish-Eye lens distortion, poor Wi-Fi connection / disconnection to smartphone / tablet, and short (30-45 min) battery life that usually comes with Wi-Fi enabled HD action cameras.

    Take a look over our HD images below, and see what just one of our HD systems can offer you:

    • 18.2 megapixel HD images
    • 10 x optical (not poor quality digital) zoom via smartphone or tablet remote control 
    • Zero Fish-Eye lens distortion
    • Live View Full Screen to smartphone or tablet - let your clients see the problem then and there, and you are more likely to get the sale on the spot!

    Vantage Point Products image of drone free carbon fibre pole 55ft roof wireless HD camera roof gutter survey

    • Remote control over four storeys height
    • Quick download to smartphone or tablet for emailing images to the client over your mobile internet without going back to the office to download

    Vantage Point Products image of drone free carbon fibre pole 55ft roof wireless HD camera gutter roof survey

    • Provide high quality HD "After Clean" images, and your client will be more inclined to use you again, and even recommend you to others! 

    So, what do you think? If you have found any more problems with existing camera systems you would like to see resolved, then let us know. We value your feedback, and if possible, we will do all we can to meet your requirements.

    If you feel that we have the solution you have been looking for, please contact us. Alternatively, please visit our online shop and consider buying one of our tried and tested solutions.

    Here's what some of our satisfied customer's have had to say about our products:

    "Received my camera kit today…. product looks and feels very professional…. I have tested it on my own gutters and it does exactly what it is designed for…. Thanks for all your help and support…. Vantage Point Products offers excellent customer service and products as described on your website. I would recommend you to anyone." - SCP Window and Gutter Cleaning - Birmingham

    "Tom, many thanks for your help and time upon this project. Very professional and dedicated. It goes hugely appreciated" - GL, London. (Custom telescopic HD roof imaging system).