How Strong Is Our 18ft 5.6m Carbon Fibre Camera Mast? See For Yourself! June 24 2016

There's an old saying: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". Watch our video and see how easy to control our strong, rigid, lightweight camera masts are!

All our photography customers know just how strong and rigid our range of carbon fibre photography mast systems are - whether they own an 18ft, 30ft or *40ft model (*image below). These clients are more than satisfied with the vertical strengths and rigidity of our masts at full extension (2kgs for our 18ft, 30ft and 40ft mast systems).

However, Vantage Point Products are attracting a growing number of professionals who are interested in using our high quality carbon fibre telescopic mast systems for sports video, audio, media, film and broadcast. 

HD, 4K (or higher) quality video cameras are getting lighter and lighter, and more and more systems are stabilised with two and three axis gimbals (sometimes four), such as the DJI Osmo X3 and X5, among others. The Wi-Fi enabled functions of these video camera systems open up so many cost effective, highly versatile applications, from live view, remote pan tilt, through to live setting adjustment and almost real-time WYSIWYG feedback! 

These customers want to tilt and pan our masts, using them as mobile jib arms or booms, among many other applications; others want to simulate drone footage to bridge areas of a shoot they cannot fly through, or access areas where it is not safe or legal to do so (even for experienced, trained, insured drone pilots).

image of 10k run 2016

The first thing they ask is "just how strong are your carbon fibre masts when tilted, and is it possible to safely and steadily perform a range of moves that would enable dynamic video capture, such as sweeping panning shots, floor to ceiling rises, or overhead crowd reactions?". 

Considering that most of the customers that ask these questions are highly skilled professionals, with many years producing award winning film and video, how can we re-produce their work with our masts? The simple answer is - we can't.  

So.....instead, we put together this video demonstrating all these maneuvers. To make things even tougher on us, we used our starting level max standard modulus carbon fibre telescopic mast, at full extension of 18ft, with close to 900 grams of weight on the end. We could have used our high, or even ultra high modulus carbon fibre masts, or partially retracted each section for more telescopic overlap to add rigidity under load - but that would not have been very honest for true test results would it?

By demonstrating the performance of our starting level mast, our customers can feel confident that it only gets better, stronger, lighter yet more rigid and easier to control from there.

"Why 900 grams you ask, can you go heavier?" Yes we can, but in this case we wanted to exceed the total weight of a DJI Osmo handle, X3 camera and gimbal, Osmo articulating arm, and our own CNC milled aluminium and stainless steel 1/4"-20 camera mount. Even a DJI Osmo X5 weighs 882 grams total (including Osmo handle, X5 handle adapter, standard X5 lens and gimbal, but without the articulating arm).

When you watch our video below, ask yourself these two questions:

1. What images and video could I capture in conjunction with a high quality carbon fibre mast like this?

2. How much time and money would we save per project if we used this technique? 

Please feel free to contact us on to access our expertise, products and services - we even offer custom build work for bespoke applications. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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