Our Latest 3K Carbon Fibre Aerial Imaging Mast Systems - 20ft, 30ft, 40ft February 09 2018

Take a look at our updated range of 3K carbon fibre aerial imaging mast systems reaching 20ft (6.1m) 30ft (9.25m) and even 40ft (12.2m) - suitable for aerial photography, sports video analysis, scientific surveys and much more.

Building on the last four years of success, our latest range of carbon fibre aerial photography and video mast systems have proven themselves in the field during testing through Autumn / Winter 2017, and have performed brilliantly with a growing number of customers including property photographers, sports performance video analysts, and many other professionals.

Safely and rapidly elevate a professional DSLR and lens, 360 VR capture devices, TV / film and broadcast equipment, and industrial scan imaging hardware.

- Our 20ft 6.1m mast system can carry 4kg at max extension, weighs only 2kg without tripod, 4.7kg with, and retracts to just 1.73m

Vantage Point Products 20ft 6.1m 3K carbon fibre aerial imaging mast system

- Our 30ft 9.25m mast system can carry 3kg at max elevation, weighs only 2.85kg without tripod, 5.55kg with, and retracts to just 1.80m

Vantage Point Products 30ft 9.25m 10m 3K carbon fibre aerial imaging mast system

- And our 40ft 12.2m mast system can carry 2kg at max elevation, weighs only 3.5kg without tripod, 6.2kg with, and retracts to just 1.87m. 

Vantage Point Products 40ft 12.2m 12m 3K carbon fibre aerial imaging mast system

Our high quality carbon fibre mast systems can save you time, keep you safe, and increase profitability.

Vantage Point Products photographic perspective example 20ft 30ft 40ft camera pole system

Each of our carbon fibre mast systems is the perfect tool for:               

Aerial Imaging (in areas affected by CAA drone flight restrictions, or proximity limitations for people and property)

Vantage Point Products Hampshire Police Fire and Rescue Eastleigh aerial photography carbon fibre mast system

Creative Professionals (photographers, 360 VR capture, TV / film and broadcast) 

Vantage Point Products 360 VR sphere panoramic photograph aerial imaging mast camera pole system

Property Marketing (real estate agents, hotels, development managers)

Vantage Point Products hotel marketing aerial photography mast system camera pole

Elevated Sports Video Analysis (sports science, training, and marketing)

Vantage Point Products sports video analysis mast system 3K carbon fibre

    And much more... (we offer professional consultation on innovative projects that are covered under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements)

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