20ft 6.1m Telescopic 3K Carbon Fibre Photography and Video Mast - Without Tripod

£945.95(Excl. UK VAT at 20%)

2019 Model - 20ft 6.1m Telescopic Higher Modulus & 3K Weave 100% Carbon Fibre Photography and Video Mast

Building on the last five years of success, our latest range of carbon fibre aerial photography mast systems have proven themselves in the field to be:  

  • Stronger - can now carry 4kg payload at max extension of 20ft / 6.1m
  • More Rigid - increased wind resistance and stiffer under load even at tilted angles
  • Lighter - mast is only 2kg!
  • Easily Portable - retracts to only 1.73m

This mast has been designed to be used with heavier payloads up to 4kg at max extension; strong enough to elevate a professional DSLR and lens, 360 VR capture devices, TV / film and broadcast equipment, and industrial scan imaging hardware. 

Our high quality carbon fibre mast systems can save you time, keep you safe, and increase profitability. You will no longer have to hire costly mobile elevated work platforms, or rely solely on training intensive drone flights.

This carbon fibre mast system is the perfect tool for:

  • Aerial Imaging (in areas affected by CAA drone flight restrictions, or proximity limitations for people and property)
  • Creative Professionals (photographers, 360 VR capture, TV / film and broadcast) 
  • Property Marketing (real estate agents, hotels, development managers)
  • Architects and Surveying (precision imaging, photogrammetry, scanning and infra-red inspection)
  • Elevated Sports Video Analysis (sports science, training, and marketing)
  • Wi-Fi Access Point Assessments (planning, installation, and radio wave propagation)
  • CCTV and NPR Systems (vantage point planning, testing, installation)
  • And much more... (we offer professional consultation on innovative projects that are covered under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements)

This professional solution is supplied with the following:

  • Free UK mainland shipping - We regularly ship internationally, so please contact us for a shipping quote if you are based outside of the UK
  • 20ft / 6.1m max extension (1.73m retracted) higher modulus 100% carbon fibre mast with 3K weave outer layer (mast alone weighs only 2kg)
  • ¼”-20 black anodised CNC aluminium and stainless steel camera mount
  • Secure, adjustable smartphone mount (landscape mode) holder for mast base section (for app enabled camera live view and remote control at eye level)
  • User guide and manual available on request (even before you buy, so you can be sure how to carry out safe, stable, productive aerial pole photography).
  • Our expert advice without obligation to purchase (we always put safety before sales, and we want to help you succeed)
  • 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of this product.

Additional accessories (not included above; pricing and availability on request):

  • Black anodised aluminium telescopic adjustable mast tripod (weighs only 2.7kg)
  • Sourcing of Wi-Fi remote (Canon and Nikon) camera controllers - i.e. CamRanger
  • Sourcing of certain high quality Wi-Fi enabled cameras through our network of professional retailers
  • Set of three (sold empty) tripod leg weight bags, easily filled with 2kg of locally sourced dry sand, 6kg total (once filled by customer).
  • High quality yet affordable mast transport soft and hard cases, suitable for carriage by personnel, in vehicles and even by air travel

We offer you and your business a high quality ready-for-work solution, focused customer service, and expert consultation from start to finish.

After all, our valued customers elevate thousands of pounds worth of imaging hardware using our systems. With care, they are used to safely image luxury homes and hotels, nuclear power stations and even post-conflict zones, to mention a few. The record so far is a Hasselblad X1d-50c elevated on our 40ft / 12.2m 3K carbon fibre mast in Mosul Iraq!

Please give us a call on +44 (0) 2380 98 23 66, or email us on help@vantagepointproducts.com with your requirements.

Make sure to include the following information so we can help you decide which system is best for you and your business:

  • Details of your camera and lens make and model/s - so we can calculate the total weight for safe elevation at certain heights and tilt angles
  • A little about your application - so we can provide advice to help you get the most value for your money  

Please note - We only offer discounts on volume purchases starting at four or more units, but we can send you an itemised quote enabling you to deduct the cost of any normally included item listed above that you feel you will not require.


  • All products designed, assembled or sourced by Vantage Point Products are supplied with a 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of this product.
  • This is a reliable tool that our customers put to work every week, others every single day. Though wear and tear may occur over time, it cannot be covered under warranty. However, we can offer to replace certain components for a reasonable fee.
  • Neither Vantage Point Products, nor its owners and operators will be liable for any normal wear and tear, overloading, accidental or deliberate damage or injury caused to persons or property during use of our products.


  • WARNING! CARBON FIBRE CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY! Do not use in or near thunderstorms and lightning. Be aware of your environment – do not touch or come near to electrical power cabling, whether overhead or below your position. Wet surfaces also add risk of electrical conductivity.
  • REDUCE RISK TO PERSONS, PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT! Take care to safely isolate your area of operation to avoid or reduce risk of people, animals and moving objects from knocking the mast, tripod, guy lines or other supporting accessories
  • SECURE YOUR MAST AS WELL AS YOU CAN DURING OPERATION! We can provide a quote for weight bags (three in a set), either empty (with instructions on how to fill), or filled (with 2kg of sand in each, but shipping costs will be higher). For long duration shooting with tripod, at least guy lines are recommended, each tied to local fixed points.   

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