Coming To See The Case Remote Air Wireless Camera Controller?

Hi there!

No doubt you arrived at this link after visiting, and clicking through their distributor list?

You have arrived at the right place - but we feel it is important that our customers know why we do not yet retail the Case Remote Air product made by Cheering Tech.

We worked with the Case Remote manufacturer Cheering Tech since their very beginning; holding stock, providing technical feedback from our photographers who used their Case Remote, and Case Remote Plus.

We stuck with them through the product faults, software bugs, and customer returns. We even sent a Case Remote unit off to Amateur Photographer UK magazine to review, and wrote our own blog about using the Case Remote with our 18ft carbon fibre mono-mast and DSLR.

Since then, we had to stop retailing the units while we waited for Cheering Tech to resolve the issues. Almost a year later, they started the Indiegogo campaign to release the updated version - the Case Remote Air. 

Will we start retailing Cheering Tech's wireless Wi-Fi enabled DSLR controllers again?

Only once we have seen enough favourable, realistic reviews (not just media articles and videos) from a number of independent photographers and end users (and as of this December, people are only now starting to take delivery).

Why are we waiting?

Here at Vantage Point Products, we only sell equipment that is tried, tested and proven to meet the high standards of our client base of professional ground level and elevated mast aerial photographers. Our client's require solid signal stability, stable software applications, rapid technical support and fast reliable remote control of their cameras - especially when they are mounted on our range of high quality carbon fibre elevated photography and video masts.


Now that the manufacturer Cheering Tech are working closely with a high profile, professional company like Tether Tools, we are sure that Cheering Tech will benefit from their experience, exposure and example when it comes to delivering good customer service and meeting the expectations of professional photographers. 

We wish both Tether Tools and Cheering Tech the very best with the area they specialise in. 

As for us here at Vantage Point Products, we will continue to do what our customer's feel we do best:

Why not send us an email, or call us to help you gain the safe, stable, award winning elevated shot you always wanted?

Simply tell us:

  1. How high you want to elevate your camera
  2. The make and model of your camera (so we can calculate the weight)
  3. The make and model of lens / lenses you wish to use (again, to calculate the weight)
  4. Your application, i.e. Wildlife, Landscape, Architectural, Sports, etc....
  5. How you wish to remotely control your camera (built-in Wi-Fi, CamRanger, Case Remote, etc)
  6. The deadline (if any) for the shoot (we'll do our best to meet it!)

We ship worldwide - we're looking forward to hearing from you! 

Kind regards,


Owner & Product Designer

Vantage Point Products