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What will you do with yours?

    Here's what we offer you: 

    • Professional yet friendly, honest and open communication - we don't do the "hard sell", we just enjoy working with other creative people! We'd love to hear about your project, expertise and work.  
    • Our time, attention and expertise in design, manufacture, sourcing and assembly of elevated imaging equipment - to ensure your camera / cameras and accessories are safe, secure and suitable for your project using this mast system
    • Our recommendations on suitable remote camera controllers, including which camera manufacturers provide the best overall products for elevated photography and video - saving you time and money
    • Thorough in house assembly and quality control - we test every single system we assemble prior to shipping
    • We ship internationally, and we try our best to meet most deadlines for delivery - good quality carbon fibre material is expensive to acquire and stock, so same day / next day shipping is rarely possible - however, if a customer has a tight shooting schedule, we can arrange priority shipping - we have even delivered masts ourselves! The secret to us meeting your deadline is telling us well in advance.

    Features and Benefits:

    • 5.6m (approx. 18ft) telescopic platform - easy to use, reliable and stable
    • Recommended Head Load - approx' 1.8KG at max extension, 2.2KG at reduced heights below approx' 14ft (more overlapping sections of carbon fibre add overall strength) - Please note - use common sense when trying to handle a weight at height on any type of mast, carbon fibre or aluminium. Weigh your kit - you do not always need a pan tilt head as our masts can be tilted without.
    • High quality, lightweight 100% Carbon Fibreweighing only 1.5kgs (including aluminium camera mount), engineered for high lateral and longitudinal strength when extended. Minimal flex and sway compared to lesser quality hybrid materials.
    • Tried and tested with professional loads - such as the Osmo X3, Osmo X5, and heavier DSLRs with lenses.
    • Easily portablecollapses to a length of 163cm - Lateral clamping system enables ease of carriage in small vehicles, saloons, estates and vans
    • Updated black 1/4"-20 male stainless steel screw & CNC aluminium body camera mount (3/8"-16 available on request)
    • Updated 180 degree adjustable metal Z tilt mount with 1/4"-20 male camera mount (1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female base) - can carry 2-2.5kg of camera at set angles (see below) - only weighs 200 grams!
    • A secure but adjustable smartphone (iPhone 6 Plus max size) mast mount - for remote control of camera and live view at eye level (alternative 7"-10.2" tablet mount available upon request)
    • Our user manual and guide to get the most from our products in terms of safety, operation and maintenance

    Additional accessories (not included above, but available upon request):

    • Sourcing of wireless remote camera control devices, i.e. CamRanger (et al)
    • High quality yet affordable mast transport soft or hard cases, suitable for carriage by personnel, in vehicles and even by air travel
    • Sourcing of certain high quality Wi-Fi enabled cameras through our network of professional retailers


    • All products designed, assembled or sourced by Vantage Point Products are supplied with a 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of this product.
    • Vantage Point Products will not be liable for any normal wear and tear, overloading, accidental or deliberate damage or injury caused during use of our products.


    • WARNING! CARBON FIBRE CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY! Do not use in or near thunderstorms. Be aware of your environment – do not touch or come near to electrical power cabling, whether overhead or below your position. Wet surfaces also add risk of electrical conductivity.
    • REDUCE RISK TO PERSONS, PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT! Take care to safely isolate your area of operation to avoid or reduce risk of people, animals and moving objects from knocking the mast

    Need a higher vantage point? Why not consider our 30ft Telescopic Carbon Fibre Photography Mast and Tripod

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