£795.95(Excl. UK VAT at 20%)

Using 100% max standard modulus carbon fibre top to bottom, we are able to elevate 2kg of camera, lens and accessories to a max extension of 30ft.

What you will receive:

  • Our user manual, guide and consultation to get the most from our products in terms of safety, operation and maintenance
  • 30ft (approx' 9.25m) max standard modulus carbon fibre (only weighs 2.6kg) - strong and rigid enough to elevate 2kg to 30ft, or 2.2kg at 25ft* (*more overlap per section).
  • Updated black 1/4"-20 male stainless steel screw & CNC aluminium body camera mount (3/8"-16 available on request) - 175 grams
  • Updated 180 degree adjustable metal Z tilt mount with 1/4"-20 male camera mount (1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female base) - can carry 2-2.5kg of camera at set angles (see below) - only weighs 200 grams!
  • A secure but adjustable smartphone (iPhone 6 Plus max size) mast mount - for remote control of camera and live view at eye level - perfect for Wi-Fi enabled shooting
Additional accessories (not included above, but available upon request):
  • High quality yet affordable mast transport soft and hard cases, suitable for carriage by personnel, in vehicles and even by air travel
  • Sourcing of certain high quality Wi-Fi enabled cameras through our network of professional retailers

    Detailed specifications:

    • 100% max standard modulus carbon fibre top to bottom - 33 msi (the highest density of carbon fibre in the max standard modulus range).
    • Extends to approx' 9.25m 30ft - 2kg max recommended pay load at 30ft, 2.2kg at *25ft (*with partially extended sections creating more overlap and overall strength)
    • Retracts to only 1.63m long - perfect for for carriage inside most hatchback, saloon cars or estates (or on top within a tube carrier)
    • Mast weighs only 2.6kg
    • Black 1/4"-20 male stainless steel screw & CNC aluminium body camera mount (3/8"-16 available on request) weighs only 175 grams
    • 180 degree adjustable metal Z tilt mount - weighs only 200 grams - carries 2-2.5kg at set angles
    • Adjustable, secure smartphone mast mount can carry up to iPhone 6 Plus (max size)

    Accessories not supplied:

    • Mast Tripod
    • Mast Carry Bag


    • All products designed, assembled or sourced by Vantage Point Products are supplied with a 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of this product.
    • In three years since we started our business, we've never had a mast fail, but we still see no need to offer lifetime warranties with vague terms. Most of our customer's put our masts to work every week, others every day. Though wear and tear may happen, it cannot be covered under warranty - however, we've never had to replace a carbon fibre section - but we can if our customer requires it. 
    • Vantage Point Products will not be liable for any normal wear and tear, overloading, accidental or deliberate damage or injury caused to persons or property during use of our products.


    • WARNING! CARBON FIBRE CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY! Do not use in or near thunderstorms. Be aware of your environment – do not touch or come near to electrical power cabling, whether overhead or below your position. Wet surfaces also add risk of electrical conductivity.
    • REDUCE RISK TO PERSONS, PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT! Take care to safely isolate your area of operation to avoid or reduce risk of people, animals and moving objects from knocking the mast

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