52ft 15.84m - Essential Ultra HD 18.2MP 20 x Optical Zoom Wireless High Reach Inspection and Survey Camera Pole System

£1,645.95(Excl. UK VAT at 20%)

2019 Model - Higher Modulus & 3K Weave 100% Carbon Fibre - 52ft 15.84m - Essential Ultra HD 18.2MP 20 x Optical Zoom Wireless High Reach Inspection and Survey Camera Pole System

The tried and tested solution for safe, comparatively low cost, high reach camera survey and inspection - without mobile elevated work platforms or drone flights.

Relied on by professionals that include:

  • CAA qualified imaging drone pilots - Overcomes proximity flight or zone restrictions
  • Asset surveyors - Roof and solar panel inspection, commercial and industrial imaging
  • Property developers - Site planning, construction progress, and marketing
  • And many more... (we offer professional consultation on innovative projects that are covered under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements)

Each 52ft 15.84m Essential Ultra HD system is supplied with the following:

  • 52ft / 15.84 metre (max extension) 2019 model - higher modulus & 3K weave 100% carbon fibre pole
  • Wi-Fi enabled Sony compact zoom camera - 18.2MP imaging, and 20 x optical zoom, fully remote controllable at height
  • All camera mounts required, including a mini tilt head for setting fixed tilt angles
  • Smartphone mast mount (any phone in landscape mode) enabling hands-free mounting of device at eye level for remote control of camera and easy live view
  • Free Sony Play Memories app enabling remote live view, zoom in / out, take photo, download, start / stop video and more
  • Soft camera case for Sony compact zoom camera
  • Mains and USB charging accessories
  • 16GB micro SD card
  • Additional battery compatible with the Sony compact zoom camera

Detailed specifications:

  • 52ft / 15.84 metre Carbon fibre telescopic pole - 2019 model - higher modulus & 3K weave 100% carbon fibre adding additional strength and rigidity - weighs only approx 4kg - retracts to only 1.93m for easy storage and transport
  • Camera - 18.2 megapixel, 20 x optical zoom, built in Wi-Fi enabled for remote control and live view - weighs only 164 grams - not weatherproof but can survive light rain if dried off soon after, and stored dry
  • All included accessories have been tried, tested and proven by professionals to be essential in day to day inspections and surveys, enabling precise imaging, sufficient battery life, and limiting wear and tear.

We offer you and your business:

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  • All products designed, assembled or sourced by Vantage Point Products are supplied with a 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of this product
  • This is a reliable tool that our customers put to work every week, others every single day. Though wear and tear may occur over time, it cannot be covered under warranty. However, we can offer to replace certain components for a reasonable fee
  • Neither Vantage Point Products, nor its owners and operators will be liable for any normal wear and tear, overloading, accidental or deliberate damage or injury caused to persons or property during use of our products.


  • WARNING! CARBON FIBRE CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY! Do not use in or near thunderstorms and lightning. Be aware of your environment – do not touch or come near to electrical power cabling, whether overhead or below your position. Wet surfaces also add risk of electrical conductivity.
  • REDUCE RISK TO PERSONS, PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT! Take care to safely isolate your area of operation to avoid or reduce risk of people, animals and moving objects from destabilising the system.