£474.99(Excl. UK VAT at 20%)

Take your elevated photography and photogrammetry to the next level - NO DRONE REQUIRED!

Pick one of our pole heights from the drop down list, each supplied with:

  • its own 1/4"-20 aluminium mount to securely attach your camera, and
  • an adjustable hands free smartphone (iPhone 6 Plus max size) mast mount for live view and remote control  of a Wi-Fi enabled camera.
  • See product images 

Pair a Wi-Fi enabled compact camera with one our masts, and take sky-high photos and video from the safety of the ground. Think of the sports, properties, landscapes and events you can capture - and charge your customers for! Its a business in a box! 

Please note:

  • This system is not designed to carry a DSLR, or compact camera over 300 grams
  • It is only designed to carry compact cameras and accessories under 300 grams – ideally lighter at maximum extension.
  • To support a camera and accessories closer to 300 grams, it is recommended that you do not use the mast at full extension, or you choose a pole that is taller than your required maximum vantage point - Why?
  • A partially extended mast (per section) has added strength and overall rigidity due to a larger number of overlapping sections of carbon fibre.

Recommended lightweight Wi-Fi enabled cameras (not supplied with this mast) include, but are not limited to:

  • Sony DSC-QX10, Sony DSC-QX30, Sony DSC-QX100, Sony ILCE-QX1, RX100 mark 3 or up (other compact Wi-Fi enabled Sony cameras),
  • Olympus Air A01,
  • Compact Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung (and other good quality Wi-Fi enabled compact camera manufacturers - all under 300 grams with accessories)
  • The heavier the camera, the lower the max, safe elevated vantage point. 

The 1/4"-20 male screw mount can carry all cameras equipped with a female 1/4"-20 screw mount.

Imagine the 4K video imaging, or high megapixel photos you can capture - at a fraction of the cost of a commercially used drone that requires insurance, a pilot's license, training and much more....

These poles will even fit in small vehicles:

  • our 35ft pole retract to 1m 72cm,
  • and even our 50ft and 63ft poles retract to 1m 97cm!
  • Our tallest pole reaches 74ft and retracts to as little as 2m 20cms!!

Please note:

  • All our poles are 100% Carbon Fibre (except for the lateral section clamps). Why?
  • Hybrid mix carbon fibre / glass fibre poles, or masts under 33msi (carbon modulus density) are too flexible when extended, reducing strength stability under load.
  • Only the outermost layer of the base handle section is insulated with non-carbon material for some added electrical safety. The inner base section layers are all still 100% carbon fibre.

No Tripod Required:


  • All products designed, assembled or sourced by Vantage Point Products are supplied with a 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of this product.
  • Vantage Point Products will not be liable for any normal wear and tear, overloading, accidental or deliberate damage or injury caused during use of our products.


  • WARNING! CARBON FIBRE CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY! Do not use in or near thunderstorms. Be aware of your environment – do not touch or come near to electrical power cabling, whether overhead or below your position. Wet surfaces also add risk of electrical conductivity.
  • REDUCE RISK TO PERSONS, PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT! Take care to safely isolate your area of operation to avoid or reduce risk of people, animals and moving objects from knocking the mast, tripod, guy lines or other supporting accessories

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