Elevated Carbon Fibre Aerial Photography, 360 VR and Video Mast Systems

Vantage Point Products design, manufacture and retail high-quality tried and tested solutions that enable safe and creative imaging at height - All without a drone.

Over the last four years, our range of products have proven to be ideal for use by a wide range of professionals including, but not limited to:

  • Photographers - Estate Agents, Property Marketing, Architectural
  • Drone Operators - Overcoming National Flight Restrictions and No-Fly Zones
  • Filmmakers - Video Production, 360 VR, Professional and Broadcast
  • Sports Player Analysts - Elevated Sports Video Analysis, Training, Club Promotion
  • Scientists - Universities, Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Asset Care Specialists - High Reach Inspection and Survey
  • Construction Development Managers - Site Plans, Health and Safety, Marketing 
  • Insurance Loss Adjusters - Potential and Post Damage Assessments 
  • Heritage Specialists - High Reach Access Without Risk to User or Property
  • High Reach Gutter Vacuum Cleaners - Camera Inspection Pre / Mid / Post Clean 
  • Pest Control Teams - High Reach Assessment and Inspection
  • CCTV Installers - Vantage Point Surveys, Car Park NPR Systems, Planning

Vantage Point Products 40ft 3K carbon fibre mast and tripod system perfect for aerial photography without a drone

At Vantage Point Products we don't simply sell poles without caring how safe or successful your application will be....we provide free initial consultation, and retail tried and tested, proven all-in-one solutions that our customers rely on to safely elevate a wide range of lightweight or heavy imaging systems. We also can offer custom solutions for unique applications.  

We know almost every camera model on the market that is suitable for safe stable elevation and handling by mast; the imaging specifications and weights, and the best methods for remote control of the camera at height from the safety of the ground!

We always put safety before sales, so contact us to discuss your project, or visit our product pages to see the solutions we offer.

We are happy to help!